Declaration of solidarity from militant Stellantis workers and from the International Solidarity Committee of SI Cobas from Italy

28 October 2021: Dear fellow workers of Opel Eisenach, dear colleagues of the Stellantis Group, We warmly support your protest against the closure of the Eisenach plant, and share your worry that it may not be temporary; We strongly appreciate the unity of action that has been reached between German Eisenach workers and French Sochaux workers.

Italian automotive workers participating in the Assembly of Combative Workers share your strong internationalist approach: we must not let our bosses set workers of different plants and countries in competition against one another for jobs and working conditions. This competition would result in fewer jobs and an endless worsening of working conditions and pay for all workers, as we have been experiencing in the last many years. As capital concentrates internationally, also workers must be able to build solidarity internationally. Now the bell tolls for Eisenach workers, tomorrow as yesterday it is going to toll for us in Italy.

We support the struggle for a 30-hour work week with full wage compensation, which is the right response to the restructuring toward electromobility.

Although we are unable to take part in the October 29 day of action called by IG Metall, we wish you full success and are committed to strengthen the ties with combative workers in the whole Stellantis group, and to organise common struggles internationally.

Combative Stellantis workers

SI Cobas International Solidarity Committee

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