Stop the Closure of All Ford Plants in Brazil!

The Ford Co announced on January 11, 2021 their decision to end vehicle production at its three plants in Brazil in 2021. The Camaçari (BA) and Taubaté (SP) plants will be closed immediately, according to the company, maintaining only the production of parts for after sales stocks. These closures have a devastating impact on the workers. 3,500 employees work at the Camaçari plant, 830 at Taubaté plant and 470 at Horizonte plant. At least another 15,000 outsourced workers in and out these three plants will be fired.

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The company's announcement states that "the Covid-19 pandemic expands the industry's persistent idle capacity and reduced sales, resulting in years of significant losses." But we know that the pandemic just accelerated the automaker's restructuring plans. Workers cannot afford to pay for the crisis.

With the planned international production shifts and plant closures, Ford wants to maximize profit at the expense of the workforce and their families and thus to pass on the burdens of the economic and financial crisis.

We have to resist. We must stand up against all these attacks that are happening all over the world, and lead an international struggle in solidarity.

ICOG supports the brazilian workers in defense of their jobs. 

Stop the closure of the Ford plants in Brazil!

No layoffs! Fight for every job and for the 30 hour week with full wage compensation - worldwide!

Let's develop the group-wide struggle of all Ford workers internationally.

Automotive Workers united – Long live international solidarity!

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