Solidarity and greeting address to the International Day of Action and Protest on August 26, 2021 against the massive anti-communist repression, persecution and murder of trade union and political activists in the Philippines.

The International Coordination Group of International Automotive Workers Coordination discussed the situation in the Philippines at its online meeting on August 15, 2021 and adopted a statement of solidarity with the struggle in the Philippines. We note with concern that more and more targeted arrests and killings of militant trade unionists, political activists and human rights defenders by the fascist Duterte regime aim to break the Filipino people's will for freedom. This also affects activists of our International Automotive Workers' Coordination in the Philippines. This fascist terror is built on an anti-communist agitation with de facto assurance of impunity for the murderers. We protest strongly against this and demand the prosecution, international outlawing and condemnation of this fascist state terror.

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For our workforces in the auto and supplier industries, the development and strengthening of militant trade unionism in particular is fundamental to achieving wages and working conditions that allow workers and their families to live in dignity. Therefore, we reject all attacks and attempts to undermine trade union and political rights and advocate their expansion. We condemn the state terror against trade union and political activists and representatives. This is directed against the commitment and struggle for human dignity at work and in life in the Philippines, to which all our international solidarity is directed.


Solidarity greetings to the Filipino people and the international protest actions on August 26, 2021



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