International solidarity against fascist coup attempt in the USA!

Publication of the ICOG on the handing over of the presidency of the USA to Joe Biden on January 20, 2021: Already on January 6, armed fascist groups wanted to keep the ex-president of the USA, Donald Trump, in power with a coup by storming the Capitol in Washington. The strings were clearly pulled by Donald Trump. He had to backpedal a bit due to public pressure afterwards, but continued to defend his inciting speech as "appropriate."

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Trump had been voted out of office by a broad majority of Americans after four years of nationalist, racist policies combined with extreme hostility towards women and workers, full of anti-communism and lies, so-called "alternative truths." This defeat was preceded by workers' struggles such as at General Motors in 2019, with 50,000 on strike, and other big popular movements, such as the anti-racist "Black lives matter" or the women's movement "Me Too".

The danger of a fascist seizure of power is by no means over, especially since parts of the state power apparatus also clearly expressed their sympathy for the coup attempt on Jan. 6. Fascists are calling for an "armed march" on all the country's state capitols on Jan. 17 and Jan. 20, the day the presidency is handed over to Joe Biden. The International Automotive Workers Coordination warmly welcomes the call of American unions for a general strike in the event that there is no “peaceful transition of power“ after the elections and assures the American people of its full international solidarity.

At our 2nd International Automotive Workers Conference in February 2020 in South Africa, we had explicitly decided to "extend our coordination to the struggle against the rightward develop­ment of governments and the advance of the right-wing and fascists in these governments!"

As International Automotive Workers Coordination we will continue to fight worldwide to prevent that the workers* and employees of the different corporations and countries are pitted against each other, butthat they instead unite step by step and organize together against the international monopoly corporations for the interests of the workers* with their families and friends. We will not leave the world over to the laws of profit economy, because they only bring chaos, misery and destruction to the people.

Especially in the Corona crisis, Trump has completely failed. His narcissistic, arrogant remark, claiming it is only a light flu, against which you could inject some chloride, stands in a row with his denial of climate change through CO2 emissions, his promotion of fracking, his unscrupulous refugee and isolation politics, his militant anti-communist attacks against the anti-racist mass movement.

With Joe Biden there will be a president at the head of the USA, who also represents the interests of international corporations and finance capital and wants to bind the workers* to the capitalist system of competition. The masses are further challenged to fight for their interests and a worthwhile future.

That's why we need, especially under such acute conditions, "a strategy debate among the workforce of the automotive industry about anti-capitalist, societal and socialist alternatives - against all anti-communist, anti-revolutionary and anti-anti-capitalist cheap propaganda!" (from our International Program of Struggle, decided on 19.2.2020 in Vereeniging/South Africa)

International Automotive Workers Coordination expresses full international solidarity to the workers and people in the USA and supports the just struggle for more democratic rights, against racism, rightward development of the government and fascism.

We call upon International solidarity against fascist coup attempt in the USA!


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