ICOG resolution against military coup in Myanmar

On 1st February of 2021, the Myanmar Army (formerly Burma) took power once again after exercising it from 1962 to 2011. This coup led to the arrest of the country’s main power figure, Aung San Suu Kyi, 75, and the president of the Republic, Win Myint. Student leaders, ethnic leaders and other deputies from the National Democratic League (LND) were arrested as well. In response, a strong civil disobedience took place all over the country. The garment workers in Myanmar – about 700,000, from the shoe and tennis industries for export, stopped their activities to participate in the demonstrations. The same happened with civil servants, particularly teachers, doctors and nurses that made strong general strikes during this movement against military junta.

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We are against humanity crimes

The action of the Burmese police is extremely violent since the coup, with the use of rubber bullets, water jets, tear gas and even real fire munitions.

Since the day of the military coup, based on a tally by the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners advocacy group, 460 civilians were murdered and hundreds of people were arrested since the coup.

Down with Myanmar military dictatorship

We demand the immediate end of the dictatorship and the resumption of the civilian government, in addition to the withdrawal of the 2008 Constitution, which grants broad political powers to the military.

Either, we condemn the harassment and threats by the officials to young women worker and union leaders.

ICOG repudiate the military coup. There is no doubt that these actions are crimes against humanity under international law.

We send international solidarity to the resistance struggles of the workers and the Youth of Myanmar. And we strongly call on the global civil society and other entities in solidarity and struggle to extend their solidarity and offer this revolutionary body concrete support and assistance.

Down with Myanmar’s military dictatorship!

All support for the general strike of workers in the textile industry and public employees!

Stop killing people fighting for democrats rights! Freedom now for all political prisoners!

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