General Motors I. pvt. Ltd. Talegon,Pune, Maharastra,India.

General Motors I pvt. Ltd. processed for sell to Great Wall Motors, China. But due to geopolitical issue the agreement is pending. And process is not completed. Company management continually pressurised the union workers for VSS (Voluntarily Separation Scheme). All the employees in this company are young and they have needed to do job. Due to housing loan and child education they are in financial crises. Union and workers demanded company to continue their job even with Great Wall Motors or any other company who taken the plant. But company cannot understand the real problem. And pressurized to accept VSS.

First Company announced the layoff showing Covid-19 is a natural calamity.

And then illegally retrenched all the remaining1083 workers.

Belo mentioned the step by step information about this issue.

14 August 2019:- Company announced the VSS of 70 days Gross salary payment per year. On completed years of service.

Workers not responded and demand for continuation of their job.

25 November 2019:- company again announced the VSS of 95 days Gross salary payment per year on completed years of service.

This time 42 workman accepted this scheme but 1552 permanent employees are remaining in the factory.

7 Janevari 2020 :- A article published in newspaper as General Motors is sailed to Great Wall Motors China.

17 Janevari 2020 :- Company MD announced officially about the sale of GM to GW motors.

23 Janevari 2020 :- Union given a letter to company for receiving the sale deed document of GM to GW motors.

We highlighted this issue in our meeting at South Africa

17 February 2020 :- Union send a letter to company regarding unfair labor practice.

12 March 2020 :- Management of general motors send a letter to union stating that company is selled without workers to GW motors.

16 June 2020:- Union send again a letter for sell deed document and time table for discussion on this issue with union leader.

29 June 2020:- Company again send a letter maintaining the company is sealed without workman to GW Motors.



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