Full solidarity and support for the struggle against the new working time model at Stellantis

At the Chrysler Stellantis plant in Sterling Heights, Michigan (USA), a new working time model is to be introduced up from April 5. It means for the workers a horror working time of 12 hours a day and seven days a week, explicitly as a test for all Stellantis plants worldwide. The International Automotive Workers' Coordination supports all struggles against this excessive increase in flexibility and declares its full solidarity with the workers at Stellantis who oppose such working hours.

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The CEO Tavares of Stellantis, from the merged companies GM, PSA/Opel, FCA Fiat/Chrysler, is ruthlessly trying to increase exploitation and profits. Just under the condition of the world economic crisis in connection with conversion to electric mobility and digitalization, with simultaneous world-wide Coronavirus Pandemic, solidary resistance for the working class is absolutely necessary and possible.

In Italy, already on April 1, the workforce in Melfi, Pomigliano, Mirafiori, Cassino, Sevel Val di Sangro and Termoli are calling for a two-hour strike in all shifts against these working hours. We support with our full heart this internationalist path of resistance and will continue to spread it.

The representatives of the International Automotive Workers Coordination from South Africa, Brazil, Tunisia, India, Germany and from the Philippines declare at their online meeting on 28 March.

Fight the further flexibilization of working hours!
For the 30-hour week with full wage compensation!
Long live International Workers' Unity!


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