Declaration of solidarity to our Brazilian Ford colleagues

Dear colleagues

It was with anger in our stomachs that we learned of the closure of the 3 plants in Brazil.

Ford is taking a hard line in the competition to come out as the winner.

For their profits they will use any means. In Europe (Spain, Romania, Russia, England, France and Germany) over 12,000 jobs have been destroyed since 2019 and there is no end in sight.

Yesterday it became known that there are now the first compulsory redundancies in Germany as well, which is a breach of taboo here in Germany. They have not dared to do that until now.

It's a disgrace how they lied to you. In December they thought they were safe, and then they coldly announced the closure overnight. Ford did the same thing here in Europe with the Genk plant in Belgium. The colleagues also fought back then. The important thing is that we are one workforce. We will make your situation known and organise solidarity. Of course, a worldwide struggle against the destruction of jobs would be necessary! Let's work together to strengthen our forces and organise ourselves, e.g. through the IAWC.

For the future of the youth and our children we have to fight for every job.


We send you warm militant greetings and good luck in your struggle!

Your colleagues from Cologne/Germany


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