Declaration of solidarity for the colleagues of PSA Kenitra (Morocco)

Dear colleagues, On behalf of the spokespersons for international group cooperation at PSA, GM and FCA we send you fraternal greetings! You have taken up the struggle for your justified demands for higher wages and better working conditions. The Moroccan state has sent the military to end the strike. This shows on which side this state is on. But the reasons for your struggle are still there. We workers learn not to be intimidated and to organize our struggle better and better. This requires international cooperation and solidarity is necessary. We have been working for many years with colleagues, with colleagues, workforces and trade unions all over the world, exchange experiences and support each other. We invite you to become part of our coordination! Together we will be stronger than the bosses of the corporations! Long live the just struggle of the brothers in Kenitra! Long live the international solidarity! For the group of spokesmen Fritz Hofmann


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