Declaration of solidarity against the mass dismissals at GKN in Campi Bisenzio (Florence) in Italy

Dear colleagues We stand in solidarity with your justified struggle against the closure of the GKN Driveline plant in Campi Bisenzio (Florence). It is about the loss of 500 jobs, including temporary workers, and its massive impact on families and infrastructure in Florence. This cannot be accepted.

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Since July 9, 2021 with the dismissal of all workers by Whatsapp by the British multinational financial fund Melrose, you are justified in the fight to preserve your jobs and the plant of GKN. Part of the workforce has occupied the plant, which produces drive axles as a supplier to the automotive industry. GKN is a traditional company in Italy and the closure of the plant aims to further dismantle the auto industry and its suppliers in Italy. You are resisting the decision of the financial speculator Melrose, which is supported by the Draghi government. In the context of the global economic and financial crisis and the effect of the structural crisis based on the transition to electromobility and digitalization, your struggle gains additional political explosiveness.

Especially in the global crisis of capitalism and the transition in the automotive industry, the struggle for the unity of the trade union movement against capital is crucial. Only in a solid unity of struggle we can develop real strength. Therefore, it is important for us to fight also for democratic rights such as the full legal right to strike in all matters and the demand for the 30-hour week with full wage compensation to preserve and create jobs. With the future of our youth in mind, we also clearly state:

We do not restrict ourselves to the struggle for better wage and working conditions. We want a fulfilled, dignified and healthy life for all people in harmony with nature – a society without exploitation and oppression, because another world is possible.” (Founding Resolution of International Automotive Workers Coordination in October 2015)"

Your struggle is met with broad support and international solidarity across the country.

For your further mobilization and struggle we wish you much strength and success.

We stand with you at the planned meetings on September 3 in Naples, September 4 in Rome, September 5 in Turin, September 6 in Milan and for the national mobilization on September 18.


You have our solidarity. We will publicize your struggle worldwide and help to broaden and strengthen solidarity.


Fight for every job!

For the 30 hour week with full wage compensation!

Long live the international unity of workers!

Long live international solidarity!


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