We are mourning the death of Jürgen Wolf

We are mourning the death of Jürgen Wolf, who passed away related to Covid-19 on 5th of January. Jürgen was closely connected with the Opel workers from Bochum, their struggle and the international automotive workers' movement for decades. The colleagues of "Offensiv", the initiative for militant workers council work at Opel in Bochum, write: "To us at OFFENSIV he was an indispensable advisor, helper and good friend from the very beginning.

International solidarity against fascist coup attempt in the USA!

Publication of the ICOG on the handing over of the presidency of the USA to Joe Biden on January 20, 2021: Already on January 6, armed fascist groups wanted to keep the ex-president of the USA, Donald Trump, in power with a coup by storming the Capitol in Washington. The strings were clearly pulled by Donald Trump. He had to backpedal a bit due to public pressure afterwards, but continued to defend his inciting speech as "appropriate."

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