Brazil: Towards the General Sanitary Strike and Out with Bolsonaro and Mourão, now!

14 June 2021: Correspondence from Brazil: In Brazil, the people will take to the streets on 19 June. We are approaching the mark of half a million dead by Covid-19 in Brazil. It is a humanitarian catastrophe, led by a government that acts in a way that exposes the population even more to the virus and the expansion of contagion. Last May 29, the so-called "29M - National Day of Struggles and Mobilizations for Out Bolsonaro" was a very important date for the political conjuncture in Brazil.

Last May 29, the so-called "29M - National Day of Struggles and Mobilizations for Out Bolsonaro" was a very important date for the political conjuncture in Brazil.

The echoes on the streets entered the scene against the government, the pandemic, the social crisis and strongly resounded the call "Fora Bolsonaro" (Out Bolsonaro). The 29M demonstrations took place in more than 200 cities and mobilised more than two hundred thousand people in all regions of Brazil, taking place at a time when the government is again beset by social, health, political and economic crisis.

The various left-wing movements in the country will again take to the streets this 19 June, the 19J, together with numerous trade labor union entities and organisations that will go to the protests demanding "Fora Bolsonaro", pointing out the need to maintain all care against the spread of the coronavirus.

The 29M demonstrations reflected the process of indignation of a broad vanguard of masses, mostly young people, but also many sectors of the organised working class. There was strong pressure from below that, combined with a broad and unitary call for the "Out Bolsonaro Campaign", resulted in the largest acts since the beginning of the pandemic. It is worth noting that these demonstrations also expressed the influence of the popular uprisings that have taken place internationally such as in Chile, USA, Paraguay and, more recently, Colombia.


The streets showed that our class is not defeated, although it is under defensive pressure due to the combination of the pandemic with unemployment, hunger and the immobilist role of the leaderships of the movement, such as the leaderships of the largest trade labor union of our country, who decided to stay out of the 29M protests and now do not integrate with the necessary strength into the 19J.

We will launch ourselves in the support and integration in all processes of mobilization and resistance of our class having as centre the national act of June 19, called unity in all states by our Central, unions, social and popular movements in the fight for "Fora Bolsonaro", that comes in the wake of the great manifestation of the streets occurred in the last May 29. In this context, the 18th day, called by the trade union centrals, should serve as a real warm-up for the 19J, with debate in the workplace, assemblies, protests and stoppages, as well as to lead the discussion on the need for the sanitary general strike.

In this process, we must continue to denounce the reformist and class conciliationist leaderships, who refuse to call the acts, and especially do not accept to organise the general health strike, in order to strengthen false expectations around the elections in 2022 and seek to paralyse the struggles, especially those of the working class.

Let's take to the streets, again, for the toppling of this genocidal government of Bolsonaro/Mourão!

We know that the dynamics of growth of the demonstrations may suffer impacts by the precipitation of a third wave of the pandemic and, therefore, we need to take very seriously the protocol in relation to the pandemic, truly ensuring social distancing and care to avoid agglomeration in the demonstration, in open environment, in addition to the mask, alcohol gel and avoid the participation of those militants who are part of risk groups (with comorbidities) etc. We are not negationists like the government and its allies.


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