Workers protest from “Bahman Motor Factory” - Will Be Revealed

15 December 2020: Documented from AWNI No. 127: Workers of “Bahman Motor Factory” on Thursday, November 29th and On Monday, November 23rd, they stopped working to protest their failure to fulfil their demands. And they were supposed to go on strike again on Thursday, December 3rd, when they failed to strike due to the high pressure of the company's security, but they are still insisting on their demands to strike next week.

Bahman Motor Factory” workers want wage increases, reduced working hours, Thursday's closure to the former routine and job classification plan.

Last Thursday, when the workers gave up work, Mr. Pourebrahim, chairman of the Board of Directors of Bahman Motor, threatened to cut off the worker's rights in order to intimidate the workers, who objected to the threat that a person named Mr. Mousavi, on behalf of the company's main shareholders, would come to the workers' gathering and promised to fulfil all the demands of the workers within a week and invited the workers to do so. Their representatives will be present to negotiate with the company's owners. After the deal, workers ended the strike.

  November 30th, workers learned that three of their representatives who were supposed to be in negotiations with the company's owners had been fired when workers again refused to work in protest against the dismissal of their colleagues, and after half an hour Mr. Mousavi, the representative of the company's owners, again appeared in the workers' gathering and insisted that their colleagues would not be fired and will be returned to work, and urged the workers to continue their work. Workers also returned to work after making sure their colleagues were not fired.On Thursday, December 3rd, was the end of a week-long deadline for fulfilling workers' demands, which were not able to strike and rally for creating a security space by the company's security and justifying that it was the weekend, but they are determined that if the representative of the company's owners does not fulfil their demands, they will strike again.

Bahman Motor Factory has more than 700 workers located at 16 km of Tehran old road in Karaj. Bahman Motor is one of the factories owned by Bahman Group Holding, which have been the shareholder and owner of “Crouse” Company Since 2016. Crouse's main owners are Keshawarz family and Alipour family. Bahman Automotive Group except Bahman Motor Company includes several other factories, including Iran Foundry Industries Co., Bahman Diesel, Ciba Motor, Iran Two Wheels, Design and Manufacture of Iranian Industrial Parts, and several other companies and factories that have a total of 4,000 workers and personnel.


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