Now the 30-hour week with full wage compensation - for nationwide, corporation-wide and regional actions and strikes!

Speaker group of the German coordination group of the IAC: At Daimler, OPEL, VW, Bosch, MAN, Conti, ... - the executive boards of the car companies and suppliers destroy jobs and close plants. The workforces form up to resist and take to the streets. "Our management has failed, now in the crisis they are shifting all the burdens on us, they must live up to their responsibility", such voices can be heard during the fighting. However, the managers only have responsibility for the capital. The mood is combative: "We will not give up, we will fight for our jobs with all our might until the end!” Cross-location solidarity is successfully developed in many companies, even if little is reported in the media: At Conti, Bosch, ZF, Mahle etc. - this strengthens the union of the workers. Mass protests are the right answer.

We do not allow ourselves to be played off against each other in different companies, locations, neither East nor West, nor internationally.

Therefore, strengthen organization: All Daimler locations together against the attacks of the Board of Management - Daimler Berlin Marienfelde, SMART Hambach, Daimler South Africa, and Daimler Untertürkheim - no plant stands alone and no job is given up without a fight: No more site splits - unite the workforce internationally.

New questions also arise: What about the location and redundancy policy of recent years, even decades? - After all, the motto has always been: “Without pay, without working hours, more flexibility, etc., jobs will be preserved.” A colleague from Daimler put it in a nutshell:

In other words, precisely when job security is most important, namely during a crisis, the agreement can be terminated. It's like when someone sells his house in the summer and says that everything is tiptop and then in the winter, when it gets cold, you realize that the house is neither insulated nor does the heating work - that's fraud.”

This scam is now openly exposed and many colleagues are looking for a new orientation: our campaign for a 30-hour week with full wage compensation hits the mark! Everyone works less, so jobs are maintained and created.

Also the suggestion of the IG-Metall (industrial metal union) chairman Jörg Hofmann after the 4-day week with partial wage compensation takes up this. However, partial wage compensation is not right, because we are not paying the bill for the crises, which are legal under capitalism. With full wage compensation and from Monday to Friday makes sense. In summer 2019 there were 50,000 from IG-Metall in Berlin and 10,000 from IG-Metall at the day of action in November in Stuttgart, we need such mobilization now, because it is burning. Why should we not continue?

The fascistoid works council list "Zentrum Automobil" calls in this situation for leaving the IG-Metall: This shows openly and clearly that they represent the interests of capital, even if they demagogically criticize Daimler and only want to weaken our fighting power.

The fronts are clarifying: There is no way out of the crisis together with the capitalists, there is only the way of the workers' offensive against the corporations for us workers.

That is why the demand for the 30-hour week with full wage compensation, which was also agreed upon in the International Program of Struggle of the International Automobile Workers Conference in South Africa in February 2020, is at the center of the international struggle for jobs.

Order the stickers and buttons from us, eventful times require real demands to unite the workers.

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Speaker group of the German coordination group of the IAC


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