Iran: Unemployment status of automobile workers and parts makers

Documented from Alternative Workers News Iran No.124 1 November 2020: One third of the part manufacturers of the country are close or partially open and 150 thousand workers are suspended at work. There are around 2-thousand-part manufacturer units in the country, from which 800 units of them work black and without authorization. From the lawful 1200 part-fabricators, almost 700 units have direct contacts with the auto manufacturers. Unfortunately, about 400 units are in the process of closing down. In general, at this time, only half of the part-fabricator functions serviceably. While only half of them fully operate, however all produced parts are easily sold in the country. There are 550 thousand workers in part making craft that more than 150 thousands of them are unemployed and on hold now. The Union of Nationwide Associations of Truck owners and drivers in Iran

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