Greeting messages to nationwide delegates meeting in Germany

On October 18, 2020 successfully took place a nationwide delegates meeting in Germany. Greetings were orally forwarded from colleagues from Mercedes-Benz South-Africa and members of supporter group of International Automotive Workers Coordination in East-London South Africa. Also greetings were received from abroad from the Netherlands, Philippines and friends from Iran.

Greeting message from the Philippines

Ed Cubelo / 18 October 2020


At this moment, I am not so sure if my greetings/solidarity message will be in time for the ICOG Germany assembly but though it is very late, I would like to convey from the Philippine’s car workers our warmest greetings and support to the German delegation meetings of groups and supporters of the IAWC for the gathering to elect new coordinating group for Germany. We are looking forward to working with you too in the years to come to strengthen further the workers international solidarity under the banner of the IAWC. We salute and hope for the success of your meeting and election!


Greeting message from the Netherlands (dutch)


Greeting message from friends from Iran


S. (Member of the "Solidarity Committees with the Workers' Movement in Iran - Abroad" 17 Oct 2020


Message of solidarity to the nationwide delegates' meeting of the International Automotive Workers' Coordination in Germany on October 18, 2020


Dear friends and comrades, I greet you all from my heart and wish you much success in your justified and militant work!


Daimler is not the only large company that treats the workers so brutally. Throughout the capitalist system, this is because the most important law for capitalists is to make more and more profit. The cheapest way to do this is to lay off the workers in order to save more money, cut wages or increase working hours.


In Iran alone, almost 300,000 contract workers and workers from supplier factories have just been laid off from the beginning of the year alone. By the end of the year, this figure could rise to 450,000 people, unbelievable! (I have already sent a current report on this).


Workers around the world are in labor together and have the same problems. Then we must stick together, show solidarity and organize in a militant international workers' unit.


Stop the layoffs!

Good luck for the workers' campaign at Daimler against dismissals! 

Proletarians of all countries and oppressed peoples unite!

Long live International solidarity! 


With solidarity greetings

S. (Member of the "Solidarity Committees with the Workers' Movement in Iran - Abroad")





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