Solidarity with Renault workers in Curitiba, Brazil

We, the Communists of UMLP, express our absolute solidarity with the struggle of Renault Brazil automotive workers, against the plans to destroy 750 jobs, where almost half are workers in need of medical care!

Let us fight for every job! Taking a balance between the workers' lives and its economic costs, as capitalist mode of thinking does, is a crime against humanity!  


Your strike, in these times of financial and economic crisis aggravated by the pandemic, has the greatest importance because it is a clear signal for the entire Brazilian working class, denouncing the pretensions of Renault and the Bolsonaro fascist government to throw the costs of the crisis on the workers' shoulders.


The answer can only be given with the mobilization and unity of the workers, as you have shown. 


Receive all our solidarity, 


Long live International Workers' Solidarity! 


UMLP (Portuguese Marxist-Leninist Union) 



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