Letter of solidarity to the striking automotive workers in Belarus

Dear colleagues, For several days you have been on strike together with the miners and workers of other industries. You are leading a courageous political struggle for democratic rights against the Lukashenko regime and an improvement of your whole living conditions. We show solidarity with your strike for more democracy, for the release of political prisoners, for transparent elections and against the massive suppression of the broad protest and peoples movement in Belarus.

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We protest against the arrest of strike leaders and activists, such as Dmitry Kudelevich - activist of the potash mines of Soligorsk, or Yevgeny Bochvalov, chairman of the strike committee of the Minsk automobile factory, and Sergey Dylevski, member of the strike committee of the Minsk tractor factory.

In the struggle for democratic rights and freedoms in Belarus, it is just right that the workers should lead the struggle with powerful strikes, especially as vigilance against both the EU and Russia is called for.

Your strike also gives a foretaste of possible hard struggles in the future, also in other countries. You must stand up to brutal police violence with all your might!

We international automotive workers stand at your side. We wish you much success in your courageous struggle! At the 2nd International Automotive Workers' Conference in February 2020 in Vereeniging in South Africa, delegates from 19 countries decided on an international program of struggle. It says: “Political repression of the struggles of automotive workers and their families increased. At the same time, a progressive change of mood has developed internationally, which expressed itself in an increasing self-confidence and a rise of struggles.” Your struggle is thus becoming a living one. Stay persistent and strong!

We propose to you a solidarity pact of mutual support. Within the framework of this pact, we could make your struggle widely known and, for example, organize mutual visits. The workers must stick together internationally. United we are an invincible force.

Please inform us about the further course of your struggle and tell us what you think about the idea of the solidarity pact.


Long live International Solidarity!


With solidarity greetings

Ed Cubelo (Philippines), Dieter Schweizer (Germany), Coordinators of ICOG


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