Feedback from Bophelo from South Africa

28 March 2020

Dear International Coordinating Group


Let me take this opportunity to thank you all.

We All Know And Appreciate Everything you all doing.



All The Best


Bophelo (Vereeniging, SA)



6 April 2020


The 2nd International Automotive Workers Conference is a great success. Intimate interactions during the meetings were impressive and conductive to the better understanding among the participants. The role you and your delegates played is an indispensable factor in ensuring the remarkable achievements made. Let's stay in touch, and hopefully, our increasing cooperation will contribute, in whatever small way, to the peace and stability of the world […]. My sincere thanks for all the hospitality my South African colleagues and I were accorded during the 2nd International Automotive Workers Conference in South Africa on Feb. 19-23. I believe that the Conference is a great success thanks to the efforts of your coordinating group together with other cooperative partners. Your personal contribution is of particular significance to the success of the meeting.”

Dear D. /Germany/ICOG),

2nd International Automotive Workers Conference is now over and I am back in “real” life. It is a deep wish from myself to give you a little bit of a feedback of our cooperation. I must say that I am absolutely happy with the overall progress of our cooperation. Your team was working excellent and whenever we had things to solve your team was there and absolutely supportive. It was one of my best decisions to work with T. (South Africa) as IAC Coordinator. Please let me take out three persons who did an outstanding job. Without their professional work it would not be that good. M. (Germany) is highly qualified and it was a pleasure to work with him. He did an outstanding job and I am happy to have him on coordination Bosch and Suppliers. His discussion preparation was excellent and highly professional. K. (Germany) was also very helpful and supportive. Her ability to solve even difficult technical problems within very short time was remarkable. Good job, for sure. Last but not least I must say that the work with Assembly of Delegates, was an absolute pleasure. J. (delegate from USA) is smart and a skilled and a gifted too. His ideas gave our society a new kick. Please keep him with you for a long time. He is precious like gold.


One of the really sad moments for me was the departure of our Internationals😢😢😢.


Best regards,

Bophelo Ntambama

South Africa


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