Solidarity for independent strikes at Fiat Chrysler in USA for Corona protection

Dear collegues, Last Thursday, the A-shift at Fiat Chrysler's Jefferson North Assembly Plant (JNAP) stopped work after learning that three colleagues had fallen ill with corona. Their demands are that the basic safety measures, including sufficient clearance and regular cleaning, must be guaranteed. These demands are completely justified! In fact, the management is knowingly ignoring this. The B and C shifts, despite pressure from management, joined the strike, which continued until at least Friday morning. Work was also stopped on Saturday afternoon at the Fiat-Chrysler plant Sterling Heights Assembly Plant (SHAP) after it became known that a colleague had fallen ill with Corona.

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We, in the name oft he international autoworkers‘ coordination at GM-PSA-Fait-Chrysler, declare our full solidarity for these courageous actions. Safety and health oft he workers are much more important than production for profits!

We invite the workers of Fiat-Chrysler in Michigan to join our coordination.

Please contact us by our website:

Fritz Hofmann


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