No to the closure of Nissan plant in Barcelona, Spain! Fight for every job! For the 30-hour week with full wage compensation!

Dear colleagues, You have our full solidarity in your fight against the closure of your factory in Barcelona announced on 28 May. Your indefinite strike is exactly the right answer! You are not alone! The destruction of your 2,800 jobs will affect 20,000 others in the region. Nissan is taking the livelihoods of 25,000 families in one fell swoop.

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On May 29, Renault and the automotive supplier ZF announced the destruction of 15,000 jobs each. Other international car and supplier companies will follow or are already implementing similar plans.
Following a joint call by the unions, the workers at Renault in Choisy-le-Roi near Paris also went on strike on June 2 against the announced plant closure with 263 jobs. Renault promises so-called "socially responsible" measures, voluntary termination agreements, internal mobility in order to prevent struggles. But there will be no socially responsible job cuts.

Every job that is destroyed is painfully lacking for the youth!

The corporations now justify the redundancies with the Corona pandemic. In fact, it is mainly the effects of the economic crisis combined with the structural crisis based on the transition to electromobility and digitalisation. This so far deepest global economic and financial crisis since 1929 is now being accelerated by the Corona health crisis. The fight against the mass destruction of jobs is on the agenda worldwide. We must not allow ourselves to be played off against each other; this is our common fight! Our future is at stake at all locations and internationally! The coordination of these struggles is the goal of the International Automotive Workers' Coordination. At the successful 2nd International Automotive Workers' Conference, which recently took place in South Africa in February, the 43 delegates from 19 countries unanimously agreed on an international program of struggle that can give the different struggles a common direction. You can download it from the homepage  We challenge with you:


Fight for every job! For the 30-hour week with full wage compensation!

Decisive fight against the shifting of the burden of the crisis onto the workforces and the masses!

Nissan and Renault colleagues together! For the international workers and trade union unity!

Long live International Solidarity!


We wish you continued success in your strike!

We call on the automotive workers worldwide to support the struggle of the Nissan colleagues!


With solidarity greetings

Ed Cubelo (Philippines), Dieter Schweizer (Germany)

Coordinators of ICOG

Solidarity messages to:

Javair Adalid (trade union CCOO at Nissan), copy to

Donation account of strikers in Spain: Recipient: "Caja de Resistencia de Nissan" Account number: ES21 0049 1944 2623 1003 0440 Purpose: "Donaciones para los huelguistas"

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