Nissan announces closure of the assembly plant in Barcelona - The struggle continues and will be intensified!

Today, May 28, 2020, Nissan's European head Gianluca De Ficchy announced the closure of the pick-up assembly plant in Barcelona as part of a restructuring plan. 2800 jobs will be destroyed by Nissan in Catalonia. Worldwide Nissan is withdrawing from Europe as its core market. The total capacities of Nissan are reduced globally by 20 percent. Instead of the 7.2 million units manufactured to date, an average of only 5.4 million will be manufactured in the future.


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Nissan has announced extensive restructuring and a reorientation of the group. In the future, cooperation with Renault and Mitsubishi is to take on even greater significance and provide potential for savings.

Renault management has also announced its plans for tomorrow, Friday 29th May, to announce its further plans and concrete plans for plant closures.


Since May 4, the employees of the Nissan plants in Barcelona have been on indefinite strike. A great solidarity has developed. For example, the dock workers have handed over a large amount of donations for the strikers. The population is backing the fight to preserve jobs, because after all, other suppliers, as well as the entire infrastructure and, as the colleagues themselves point out, 25,000 families are affected by this job destruction in the large industrial centre of Barcelona. The trade union CCOO writes on Twitter: "We will reverse the decision to close down. We will do everything we can."


Fight for every job! For the 30-hour week with full wage compensation!

Resolute fight against shifting the consequences of the global economic and financial crisis, the structural crisis with e-mobility and digitalisation, as well as the corona health crisis onto the workforces!

Nissan and Renault colleagues together! Strengthen the international workers and trade union unity!

Long live International Solidarity!


Solidarity addresses to: Javair Adalid (from the trade union CCOO at Nissan), copy to

Donation account of strikers in Spain: Recipient: "Caja de Resistencia de Nissan" Account number: ES21 0049 1944 2623 1003 0440 Purpose: "Donaciones para los huelguistas"


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