Militant actions on Mayday in Germany

Organizations and supporters of the International Automobile Workers Movement were active worldwide for a militant May Day, for health protection and against shifting the burden of the crisis onto the workers and masses. In Germany, too, there were rallies, demonstrations and other actions on the streets in at least 100 places, organized by the militant opposition against the reactionary crisis management of corporations and governments with the working class at the top.

Often there were broad units of action with different forces without any anticommunist exclusion. The point was to take to the streets together, even though there are still different opinions on many issues. This was also a result of a mass debate not to be subordinated to the attempted cancellation of the May rallies by the leadership of the German Trade Union Federation (DGB). Millitant forces from all major large companies took part, from Daimler, VW, Ford, Opel and suppliers, but also miners, colleagues from Airbus, apprentices, as well as representatives of the environmental trade union, and young people from FFF and "refugees welcome", from the militant women's movement and the women's association "Courage".

The range of the union at eye level and with a solidary culture of dispute is the future-orientated signal for coming common class confrontations. Demands were made on all social issues of the masses. Against the mass destruction of jobs the 30-hour week with full wage compensation was demanded. The focus of criticism was on bourgeois crisis management. Participants called for a universal and complete legal right to strike. There were demands for environmental protection, as well as for support for the families and children who are severely affected by the pandemic and for the dissolution of the camps in which refugees are crammed closely together. Social and Socialist alternatives were discussed in solidarity.

Some rallies had to be fought for politically, including numerous court cases. They were carried out in a corona-like manner and with due regard for health protection. This was a success in the struggle for democratic rights and freedoms.


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