1st Info Letter for VW

Peter, International Speaker IAC-VW May 2020 - Dear international friends of the IAC,

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unfortunately we did not manage to issue the 1st Info Letter for VW, as decided at the conference, in time before May 1st. Attached we send our 1st letter.
Spread it for the advertising of new comrades-in-arms!
We have tried very hard and have written to you all again and again.
We suspect that we underestimated the "Coroana situation". It meant worldwide for many colleagues, that there was no work or even strict restrictions. As we have heard, it is very difficult in South Africa, for example, to get an internet connection without being able to leave the house. Reports from both India and Spain were promised. From Germany a colleague from Heilbronn told us that they know little about the situation at Audi, because there was no work. However, it would also have been good to report on how the families and colleagues with whom we have contact are dealing with this situation, how they prepared for 1 May, etc.

May Day was celebrated in many cities in Germany in small groups with rallies and demonstrations, although the trade union "
canceled" May Day here.
VW in Wolfsburg, Germany starts to produce again. Only about 15% is produced and there are many health rules. But masks are no substitute for distance! The colleagues deal with it in a disciplined way,
but some also underestimate the danger. But there are measures that have to be rejected, when for example the union's shop stewards should not meet to discuss the situation.
Many restrictions on democratic rights are sometimes brutally enforced, as in South Africa, but they are also applied bureaucratically. Many small businesses and shops and small traders are on the verge of extinction. On behalf of the corporations, the politicians, as "crisis managers", push for a rapid "opening" of the restrictions. The danger of a "2nd wave" of the Corona pandemic is real. There is a manipulation of opinion that oscillates between
trivialization and panic.
The big international monopolies are demanding billions of taxpayers' money from the state to buy a car, while at the same time as many billions are being paid out in dividends to the major shareholders. This meets with widespread rejection. The Corona Pandemic has exacerbated the global economic crisis, but not triggered it. It is closely linked to other structural crises and increases international competition.
VW is forcing its suppliers, among others in Spain and Italy, to resume production quickly so that many cars can be produced again.
Their "concern" for jobs is hypocritical. The situation of restructuring production is used to further reduce jobs.
Temporary employment contracts are not extended and more production parts are outsourced and colleagues are laid off. In a further announcement, we will send you an urgent request for support from Sitech colleagues in Hanover, Germany.
We must be prepared to fight hard for our health, for our jobs and against the imminent environmental disaster.

International solidarity, knowledge of what is happening in other countries and the struggles of different workforces are very valuable for everyone. From these experiences, we can learn to coordinate our struggles and help each other through the newly published struggle
program of the 2nd International Conference of Automotive Workers of February 2020.

We would like to ask you, as soon as you have the opportunity, to give us a short message if and how you can support the further cooperation.
Take care of your health!
With solidarity greetings in the name of the VW spokesmen

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