Successful conclusion of the 2nd International Automotive Workers Conference in South Africa!

Press Information Vereeniging, February 23/2020 - From February 19 to 23/2020 the 2nd International Automotive Workers' Conference took place in Vereeniging. A car summit of a different kind!


Since February 19, 51 delegates from 23 countries from 4 continents with a total of more than 250 participants discussed their situation, living and working conditions in their countries as well as their demands and struggles. The main focus was to strengthen the unity of the automotive workers internationally and to develop it higher against the pitting of the workers in the individual countries against each other, which the automotive companies are doing worldwide. The conference adopted a programme of struggle for the car workers around the world. The car workers are now facing the challenge of having to fight for jobs, better working conditions, higher wages as well as for consistent environmental protection. Capitalism destroys both - all human livelihoods.
The participants experienced the unity here in South Africa in an excellent way. Thus, the conference was closely linked to the struggle of Scaw Metal workers for their jobs, but also to dismissed workers at GM in Colombia and others.
All participants were delighted with the hospitality of the South African workers, families, women and children. Their optimism, joie de vivre, warmth and quality culture.
Also under this impression, the participants firmly opposed any kind of racism, right-wing and fascist developments in the world.


Klaus-Juergen Hampejs (spokesmann of the 2. IAC)



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