Proposal to ICOG for motion for participation of "external" delegates

14 February 2020 - Automotive worker or activists of the automotive worker's movement can be accredited as "external delegates".



  • They contribute to the conference with a contribution drawn up in writing about the situation of the automotive industry, the workers and their struggles.

  • They shall be considered as guest delegates without voting rights

  • They will be assigned a contact person from the MAS brigades or from the circle of the other participants, who will speak their language and will be connected to them via Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp or e-mail.

  • It will be the task of this contact partner to introduce their contribution (see above), to brief them about conference progress and important debates in short and present their position in the conference if needed.

  • A complete following the conference and all decisions certainly won't be possible.

  • Their country will be included in the number of participating countries at the IAC.



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