3rd conference day Feb. 21 2020: Joint consultation - demonstration in the city - press reports

The 2nd day of the IAC on Thursday ended in time after the conclusion of the thematic forums. Like the overall atmosphere of the conference, the style of cohesion and collegiality characterizes the entire course of the event. And more and more new participants are joining in. Participants from East London/South Africa were welcomed with great joy, the South African colleagues proudly dressed in colourful clothes.


Yesterday evening an international cultural and song evening was held to close the day.

All participants commemorated the victims of the cowardly fascist attacks in Hanau/Germany.

In bright sunshine and heat the forums are discussed: on GM/PSA, Ford, VW, Daimler/Renault/Nissan, Bosch+suppliers are discussed.

Looking back on the last 5 years and outlook for the future.

How can we automotive workers with families, women and children actively fight for a future without exploitation and destruction of the planet.

The crises of capitalism affect all continents and countries and all car factories with full force.From Daimler Sindelfingen to India and Morocco, we are experiencing it together, and everywhere, workforces are fighting.
To recognize and understand this and to lead a coordinated struggle worldwide is the theme of the consultations.

The radiance of the conference is also reflected in the daily press.

The Daily Sun's report of February 21 does not accurately reflect the character of the conference.

The 3rd conference day on 21 February will end in the afternoon with a splendid demonstration in the city in scorching heat.colourful, cheerful, loud and international.

Hard to oversee and according to the motto:
Automotive Workers with Families and Friends for Future!


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