Call of the International Automotive Workers Coordination for Participation in the 2nd International Automotive Workers’ Conference in South Africa in 2020

Automotive workers of the world, let us cross frontiers and strengthen international working-class unity!

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Dear Colleagues and comrades!

At First International Automotive Workers' Conference in October 2015 more then 450 participants of 21 countries founded the International Automotive Workers' Coordination. Now we are preparing Second Conference which will take place in Johannesburg/South Africa from 19 to 23 February 2020. There we automotive workers of the world will be able to exchange our experience and knowledge with the aim of strengthening our organizational capability and promoting, supporting and coordinating our international struggles for the preservation and improvement of our working and living conditions: higher wages, shorter working hours, protection of the environment, struggle for each and every job and more. We know that each of us in our countries confronts the merciless capitalism of the multinational corporations and local governments, who try to curtail the rights obtained by automotive workers through their struggle. This is the opportunity to take up the fight against this internationally in a spirit of solidarity. International unity is a powerful tool for strengthening the struggle against these enemies of the automotive workers and for our goal, a “fulfilled, dignified and healthy life for all people in harmony with nature – a society without exploitation and oppression...” (Founding Resolution)


What activities will there be at the 2nd IAC?


At the 2nd IAC there will be different activities such as forums of international cooperation for each of the corporations; thematic forums and workshops for the purpose of getting to know the working conditions, the demands, and the programmes of struggle in each country; the connection between the environment and the automotive industry, and other topics of interest to automotive workers. In addition, there will be a delegates’ assembly where we will work out a program of struggle of the international automotive workers movement for our interests and goals in face of the great upheavals in the automotive sector with electro-mobility, digitalization and a battle of annihilation among the corporations. In conclusion we will hold a cultural event where we will exchange contributions reflecting the cultures of the different countries represented at the conference: South Africa, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, India, Argentina, Colombia, Italy, and many other countries throughout the world.


Who is organizing the 2nd IAC?


The independent and non-party affiliated International Automotive Workers Coordination is composed of workers from the automotive sectors of various countries and continents. The International Automotive Workers' Coordination regards itself as a part of the international working-class and trade-union movement. We come from trade unions and stand up for the strengthening of the trade unions as organizations of struggle and promote trade-union unity on a militant basis. Supported by diverse progressive organizations, we seek international unity and solidarity in order to make known and support the worldwide struggles of the automotive workers. After all, the effects of the crisis of the automotive industry are being shifted squarely onto the back of every single automotive worker in the world. The time has come to achieve a radical and decisive change through international unity and solidarity.


Participate actively in the 2nd IAC, and we will strengthen the international links to mobilize the automotive workers of the world! Collect donations for the traveling expenses of all delegates! Support the preparations on site with participants for the international brigades!


If we workers restrict ourselves, corporation for corporation, factory for factory or country for country, then we will lose. But together we form a unified and superior force in the fight for our demands and rights.





Now we would like to inform you about details of 2nd IAC. You can also read them completely, as well as the Founding Resolution, Organizational Principles and Closing Resolution of 1st International Automotive Workers' Conference on website .



Aims of the 2nd IAC

(decided at the meeting of International Coordinating Group on December 7, 2018)


The 2nd IAC has the aim to realize a genuine coordination of the automotive workers struggles as stated in the founding resolution. Therefore, it is secondly important that not only the workers of 21 countries participate but also all important automotive countries as well as international trade unions. Thirdly, we have to extend our coordination in order to include the struggle against the government's development to the right – for the young workers.

For realizing those aims, the automotive workers coordination should decide at the 2nd IAC on a program for fight in which our future vision and most important demands of the mutual international struggle are formulated in a concise manner. Proposals for key points:

  • 30-hour week or 6-hour day with full wage compensation as most important economic demand in the fight for each job and trainee place and against mass unemployment;

  • strengthening of the unity of working class and environmental movement in the fight against the destruction of the environment and against health burden;

  • cooperation with other forces against the development of the governments to the right and pushing ahead of the extreme right

  • For a social alternative without exploitation and oppression instead of a imperialist crises chaos and wars.

A draft of the program of fight will be available on 1st of June 2019, so that it can be widely discussed and improved globally.


Course of the 2nd IAC

(decided at the meeting of International Coordinating Group on December 7, 2018)


The course of the 2nd IAC is built on the same four pillars as the first IAC: “decision-making delegates’ assembly, forums of international corporation cooperation, thematic forums and workshops, mass and cultural program“. The conference will be extended to 4.5 days to avoid any overlaps.


The delegates’ assembly operates on the basis of the organization principles and the proven rules of procedure of the first IAC (annex). An essential point for this will be the resolution of an international program for our struggles.

All delegations will present country reports on particularities of consciousness, struggles and IAC movement of the respective country (each 5 minutes + discussion). Country reports must be submitted by 1 December 2019 at the latest in order to ensure translation and presentation.

Thematic forums allow for in-depth exchange about working and living conditions, demands and forms of coordination with a view to the struggle program.

Corporation forums shall take place at least for GM/Opel/PSA, the VW corporate group, Daimler/Nissan/Renault, Ford, suppliers, and possibly, for Fiat and Hyundai/Toyota.

The mass demonstration allows us to address the majority of the population.

In the final session the final resolution and political resolutions will be decided.

The opening event and the evening program by all delegations and the closing ceremony will strengthen our solidarity and international culture of workers.

Individual program parts have to be submitted until 1 August 2019 at the latest (this concerns thematic forums, corporation forums, and workshops).



Carlos Luiz Prates Mancha (Brazil), Diego Rejon Bayo (Spain), Joern Kleffel (Germany)






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